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Five Reasons to Start Meditating Today  

Meditation is not sleep. But it is very personally subjective and doesn't conflict with any religious dogma or belief system. It requires daily practice for optimum benefits. It's considered better to meditate for short periods daily than long periods occasionally.'

Read more: Five Reasons to Start Meditating Today








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 bizb recommend this , if you want to make serious money at home from your computer

A affiliate is when you make money selling someone else's product
When you sign up as an affiliate / reseller for someone else's product, you refer people to the "supplier site" and you get a cut each time someone who you referred makes a purchase. It really is that simple. Probably the most do-able of the ways to make money without money.

But you will only make money at affiliate programs if you can find a good supplier. One that's honest about tracking of sales and one that will pay on time.

You can't believe everything you read about affiliate programs, but they can really make you money. A significant portion of my own Internet income is from affiliate programs.
                 find out more about  affiliates

Make money selling advertising space

The idea behind it is to offer free information from your web site to pull in high volumes of traffic. Once you've achieved that, advertisers would pay you to display their advertisements on your site. This is probably one of the oldest and most hyped ways to make money without money.

It worked really well until the end of 2000. It's how Yahoo became big. With the dotcom bust in 2000, even Yahoo was forced to look to alternative revenue streams.  now its Google adds that have all the action, these work really well as Google uses the words that brought you to the page and words on the page  as keywords to show adverts that match up with those words - so if you run a gardening web page or blog the adverts will be based on gardening ----brilliant isn't it, and when people click the advert you get paid for the click ...its only pence but it all adds up, some have made large amounts of money doing this - and it requires very little work
Google's AdSense program) offers a real alternative to traditional advertising - and many blog and web site owners are rediscovering this tried and tested way of making money from their web sites.

WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: #3 with no money

Make money doing what you already do
This is not for you if you're looking to build a serious small business on the Net. It's the easiest of the ways to make money without money, but because it's easy, it doesn't pay much. Very little in fact.
It mostly involves getting paid to surf the Internet and getting paid to take surveys. It's like stuffing envelopes for money. If that's your thing then type "getting paid to do surveys" into the search box at Google and hit "Enter". Take your pick. Don't expect to get rich though. completing market research surveys for cash is time-consuming, invasive and very, very dull. It also happens to be very effective. Opportunities in this field are virtually endless though, with literally thousands of research groups vying for your time and attention. Perhaps the most well known of these is YouGov, prices ranging from £0.50 to £2.00 per survey completed. Registration is free and relatively painless, though if you are planning on going down this route, you would do well to create another email account solely for the purpose of survey completion  hotmail would be ideal– your personal details are going to be going all round the world and spam follows a lot of surveys

WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: #4 with no money

 Be the Next YouTube Sensation!

 Do something crazy
Take Alex Tew’s MillionDollarHomepage– a website set his  university degree. On paper it was a ludicrous concept – of course it was - but a 21 year-old Tew soon found himself a certified millionaire. The point is be creative.
All you have to do is record a song and make a video etc  of yourself while singing. If you have the talent, your dream of instant  stardom is not farfetched. YouTube and other video-sharing sites have the world as its audience, you could soon be on your way to Hollywood.

 Make Money doing Gigs

This is really possible if you have a skill this could be for you.
Sites like allow you to make money by doing almost anything! Just sign up for free and create gigs by offering mundane services such as singing a song, teaching a Spanish phrase, teaching how to use Facebook, etc. Each gig will cost you £2 to £3 although you will be amazed how easy it is to make money with things that you never imagine anyone paying for it.

WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: #6with no money

Make and Sell your Own E-book

this closely follows on from the last one
With the popularity of Kindle and other e-book readers, people are buying books on line in large numbers. If you have the flair for writing fiction and non-fiction books, you can earn more by selling your literary pieces online than having to go through the tedious task of being published. E-books are selling as much as $50 to $100 and they’re even made by unknown authors




WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: #7  with no money

Be a Virtual Assistant
This can work well with a businesses down under such as New Zealand or Australia because they send you the work, usually recorded minutes or a voice clip of  letters that need doing - because there in night when we are in day when they get to the office in the morning the letters / minutes etc are ready  straight away  ...ideal if you have relatives in businesses there or know people who have emigrated there
You will not believe the number of corporate executives who hire virtual assistants. Because of the tight time schedules they have to keep to, having someone work through there night makes a very viable business. These may include doing research, finding things, making reservations, doing time-consuming tasks and even making phone calls. You can do this by setting up a free blog or a website where you can offer your services.

WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: #8 with no money   


Be Paid to Blog
We enjoy doing this although it does not make much money it can build up ---the more you post the more interest there is so the more you get paid----- fanbox is good and you meet people from all over the world.  It has a few scams but nowhere as many as face book  === so watch out for all those with money and gold in Africa - just waiting for you to help them, - realise it, it's not going to happen !!!
Because of the rise of so many free blogging platforms, blogging has become more popular. than ever
There are two ways to make cash through blogging: either by earning commission from advertising banners placed alongside a blog of your own Google’s AdSense remains one of the more popular solutions. Just establish yourself a decent blog, configure the ads and see what happens.  Video and writing tutorials work well you can actually earn quite good money  from these.



WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: #9  with no money      

 Be an Online Tutor
Online tutoring is becoming more and more in demand, especially for non-English speaking countries. If you have the passion for teaching, this can be one way to earn many online, a lot of teachers  do this from home. You can just set aside a number of hours per week, which is anywhere from 2 hours and more daily, depending on the service you are going with.

WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: #10  with no money        

To good to be true but its possible to earn money while Playing Games
Believe it or not, it is possible to make money simply by playing computer games. The latest buzz among gaming enthusiasts is about the Chinese girl who became the first person to be a millionaire just by exchanging the virtual money she had earned by playing Second Life. Second Life, one of a range of so-called massively multi-player online games, allows users to both buy in-game currency called Linden dollars (a name derived from its creator, Linden Labs) and later exchange any amount earned within the game back into real-world funds. Ailin Graef made the headlines in 2006 having claimed that her in-game avatar, Anshe Chung, had generated enough resources to allow her to be classified as a millionaire in reality. Other prospects include Moola, which claims to pay players over five million pounds for the straightforward task of winning thirty of its games in a row. Perhaps tellingly, the grand prize is yet to be claimed.
virtual money which can be exchange for real cash. Now, that is every player’s dream.



Earn Money by Buying web names and use them as Virtual plots
Virtual plots are URL addresses that you can buy and resell for profit, just like any real estate. You can do this by buying good domains,. When you get a good site or a blog, work on it by putting relevant content, get it going, and then sell it. There are hundreds of websites being sold every day on sites like, while sites like 123 sells unused domain names for under £10 each. You just have to remember that the best domain names are short, specific and easy to remember. There are website owners who made millions out of buying virtual plots and made them into established sites. This is good business because with just a small capital, you can earn huge profits! you just need the imagination .

WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: #12  with no money   

Social networking this is something new but it is growing fast the sites make money from their advertising which they share back to you and their other customers, there is no shortage of testimonials

its crazy but true you  can actually make money as you trawl through profiles of friends, prospective and ex boyfriends and girlfriends  it is actually a reality. Yuwie, an innovative social networking site, offers to pay its users as they increase the page visits of their public profiles, upload photos to share and refer others to join in the fun. All of this is achieved by a proportionate payment structure that sees around half of the website’s advertising revenue – its chief source of income - distributed directly to its user base.


WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: #13  with no money--- well maybe  a little money      

 Photography  many publications will pay you for what is called Stock photos

If you’ve a keen eye for an out of the ordinary picture, or even just some half-decent camera at your disposal, selling pictures to any one of the many of the stock photographic agencies scattered across the internet  a sure-fire method of generating an income online it requires a bit of luck though if you are in the right place at the right time you will be onto a winner.  The likes of iStockPhoto and Fotolia offer budding photographers the incentive of earning potentially significant sums for their snaps on a per-download basis in exchange for their other royalty payment rights. you need to think out of the box for this be in the right place as was the photographer who took a picture of Lady  Diane presenting a cup to some one who at the time seamed very boring no other photographers could be bothered  to even turn up, he filed the picture but it had no downloads at all  then years later it was discovered that it was the man she was having an affair with - amazingly his photo was the only one available on file and suddenly it was being  down loaded to every magazine and paper in the world and is still being used today, even years after the event ---lucky eh


WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: # 14 with no money--- well maybe  a little money  

Make money selling on the internet with sites like  Amazon the best way is Amazon affiliates  where you put a bit of code the give on your blog and you get commission on what ever people buy when they are on Amazon's site ...

the second way to make money online with Amazon is easy and affordable  Find a good product that you can buy cheap and sell for a good profit online. many make a small living doing this ---but it involves a lot of visiting jumble sales recycle yards there are some rare books out there you just have to know what you are looking for, or do a bit of research ebay is good for this.
One of the best ways to work at home is to write your own blog or design your own website, a lot of people are making money online doing this. Great websites like blogger, Squidoo, Hub pages offer free ways to earn money online, they have great affiliates like Amazon, Ebay and many more companies working with them to earn you money working at home.
Selling in general carries on from this through virtual auctions and shops provides a quick income boost for many students, enabling unwanted Christmas gifts to be disposed of with ease etc. The obvious starting points are eBay and Amazon Marketplace, though classifieds websites such as Ad Trader and local sites such as are proving increasingly popular. Those of you looking to secure revenue on a more long-term basis will need to source in-demand products and be able to sell them at a mark-up on the price that you yourself paid. One example is “vintage” clothing – to the states and New Zealand  cheap clothes with retro appeal are available in abundance at charity shops and  recycle yards



WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: #15  with no money


If you have a talent – be it for writing, painting, graphic design or even programming - online freelancing will allow you to exploit it for a handsome profit. Services such as Elance and oDesk advertise outsourced remote working opportunities on behalf of thousands of companies and allow members to sign up to assignments according to their desired criteria. Naturally, there’s a catch - said services also take a cut of up to 15 per cent of your potential earnings. Depending on your skills and availability though, there is a lot of money to be made in this fashion, with the fastest-growing fields - like document translation - paying the best rates.


WAYS TO MAKE MONEY: # 16 or more likely could leave you broke  extreme caution is urged.

 Poker    I recommend you get some free practice first via MSN Games and see just how often you lose and how quick your money disappears.

some players regularly earning in excess of £1,000 per day!!!!    but the law of averages says its more likely to be empty wallets and broken dreams from people of all walks of life who just didn’t know when to quit.
Extreme caution is urged. Quite apart from the fact that players need a fair degree of skill in the game to get anywhere, starting small is crucial – only bet what you can afford to lose with a smile. If you are skilled - and lucky - the potential rewards are vast. But, remember, the pitfalls are even greater. Texas Hold ‘Em is by far the most popular variant of the game –   have I said   extreme caution is urged. !!!!


domain names

there are so many affiliates on the web at this time  some good some bad and some just to be avoided

if you have a web site one of the best ways of making money on the internet is the use of affiliates



Become An affiliate

An affiliate is when you  promote a product or service to potential customers using special adverts on your web page ,when a friend clicks on it and buys something you get in exchange a commission on the sale when one occurs anything from 1 percent to 80 percent for some unscrupulous ones like gambling sites [which you wont find on a  bizb site].
(Amazon) was one of the first to do this easily : Amazon associates could place banner or text links on their site for individual books, or link directly to the Amazon home page.
When visitors clicked from the associate's website through to Amazon and purchased a book, the associate received a commission. Amazon was not the first merchant to offer an affiliate program, but its program was the first to become widely known and serve as a model for affiliates
For example, let’s say Nigel is an keen  gardener. He buys a great book about taking cuttings through an Amazon  advert you have on your blog about gardening , and likes it so much he tells his friends. and posts about it  in places where he thinks people would be interested such as a gardening forum he’s a member of, his gardening blog, his Facebook profile, even in an email to some of his gardener friends. The possibilities really are limitless.
as long as they look at your page with the advert then click and buy, you get a generous commission on the sale— as much as 75%, depending on the product!

Being a affiliate is sometimes free, and takes only minutes to sign up.

there are so many affiliates on the web some good some bad and some just to be avoided

The best part is that you can promote as many  products as you want, with no limitations.

 you can  find and promote products for other topics your interested in.

the higher the value of the product the more  generous  the commission on the sales

the best thing of all is that the affiliate manages all the money side all the post and packing they handle all of the payment processing and commission tracking, so you can spend your time finding and promoting other products .

so to sum up so far


In Internet marketing, an affiliate is a person or company which sends visitors to a website in exchange for commissions.

Affiliates can earn commissions in three ways: per click, per sale and per lead.

Pay-per-click programs have declined dramatically in numbers because of click fraud.

Pay-per-sale and pay-per-lead programs are still very common.

These days, affiliate merchants or vendors the whole process easy for affiliates. You go to the vendor's site, type in your name and address, and wait for your website to be approved. In some cases, approval is automatic.

Each affiliate is given a unique link which looks like an advert but with your individual code within it which you paste in your website page, so the vendor can track which affiliate is responsible for generating a sale.

It pays to own a website or several websites and it works best when its about something about which you have a passion for .



However, some earn commissions by paying for advertising and sending the visitors directly from the ads to the seller .we don't recommend this as  it is easy to spend more than you earn. Instead, I strongly recommend you start by creating your own website. [if you cant we can arrange this for you ,,web design]

There are many advantages in having this sort of business.
For example, you don't have to create a product, you don't  have to carry any inventory, you don't have to worry about handling products, or postage, or refunds.
You work from home, choosing your own hours. You are your own boss.
Affiliate programs are sometimes free to join or just a small charge which you will get back on the first order. [all ours are free ]
we have  being doing this stuff for years we love it.


You have to have discipline and determination to succeed. there are bad ones out there who use cookies and small programs to track there clients ...we refuse to have anything to do with this type of affiliate
For newcomers to Internet marketing, joining an affiliate program or two is an excellent opportunity - a good way to earn money without producing your own product.

Are you new to affiliate programs?
Start here - email me

 as much as 75%, depending on the product!

Quick Questions and Answers
What does Bizb offer me?
We offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of merchants interested in advertising on your website.

Am I under any obligations as an affiliate?
No you can remove and add programs at your discretion, at any time.


How much does it cost to become an affiliate?
It's completely free most of the time



want to see what a lot of money looks like       how about 1 trillion pounds]





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