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Nigel Hembury

 Certificate of Horticultural Education

Royal Horticultural Society

Established 1980


01404 822916

 Passionate about gardens and wildlife

Gardens carefully restored however long they have been neglected. We have the skills to identify the quality plants from the rest

We have decades of experience and extensive knowledge in all aspects of building and planting labour saving beautiful gardens.

 Together we can  plan to create areas of interest with, new vistas, seating areas , meditation spaces. etc 

We then decide on the new plants to be ordered, where they should go, there shape, eventual size, and flowering times as well as colours.

We give thought to shaded parts of the garden as well as other problem areas.

From what is already in the garden we select which plants to prune back or move.

We plan long-term features to add impact to your garden.

We consider the needs of your children.

Make your garden a thing of growing beauty that is a source of calm and enjoyment for all the family

Water garden and

 Natural stonework specialist

Management and creators of wetlands

Low maintenance gardens,

 i.e.; gravel, grasses,

Mediterranean style, Australian style, New Zealand style and  general  low watering styles.

Favourite jobs are restoring old gardens to period and rescuing quality  overgrown gardens

Garden Design

We Design low maintenance Gardens that are Ideal for the people who are just too busy, Business Professionals, Shift-workers, The Elderly, The Disabled, Hotels, Businesses etc.

We utilize easy care techniques such as the building of raised planters and ground cover areas using plants and materials such as decorative gravel's on membranes to keep weeds at bay.


Fast computer planning is used, ideal for utilizing plant searches to find the perfect tree/shrub for the right spot in your garden.

Gardenís designed with either a home visit or by post.

From a quality to a budget service. Private or Commercial, Designs tailor made to your requirements



We are a family business and have been running in the Sid, Otter and Exe Valleys for the last 32 years.

Fully insured [public liability]

We  also sell Exotic plants see our plant list

link to Exotic plants


All types of water features Constructed, Ponds, Waterfalls, Artificial streams and Bog gardens.




The Environment

We take a sensitive approach to the environment and whenever possible use ecologically friendly chemical/products. We also use substitutes for peat and other non-renewable resources when applicable.

Specialist Pruning

Gardens carefully restored however long they have been neglected.

We carry out pruning for common as well as the more unusual Shrubs and Trees.

Ethical Garden Design 

Specialists in low impact eco friendly design



Quote plans, Design plans, planting plans, Construction plans, Consultations.

Free Quotes

For all work including Insurance, Accident, Storm, and Water damage.


Plant finders,

Specialists in finding rare and out of the ordinary Plants/trees/shrubs and Rare Plants

With our extensive knowledge of specialist growers we believe we can source any plant and  at any size for you with-in days,  at affordable prices.  and we can plant them for you  if required [ as long as you pay for travel ]

Reliable, Affordable, and Professional.


we sell exotic plants see our plant list

link to exotic plants




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