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Brunei is located on the tropical island of Borneo, facing the South China Sea and just 5 degrees north of Equator

Brunei covers just 5,765 square kilometers and has a population of only 380,000 that enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world. Its wealth derives from crude oil, petroleum products and liquefied gas. It is an independent Islamic state ruled over by the 29th Sultan





















































































Brunei Darussalam is the capitol






Visas for thirty days are granted free to most European nationals on arrival and although alcohol sales were prohibited in 1992, non-Muslims are allowed to import liquor for their own private consumption. 1 bottles of wine and 2 cans of beer.

Malay is the official language but English is widely used. The local people are very friendly and seem to enjoy living in a state which has no income tax and many free benefits.










































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The sights
Mona Flora Fauna Tours offers you Sungai Brunei Night Safari. Here you can see hundreds of fire flies with a guided walk or try aboat ride along the river through the jungle at nightAnd if you are lucky, you can see freshwater and saltwater crocodile. 

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For those who like
Para sailing, banana boat and flying fish just contact Dolphin seaport.

Want to taste some traditional foods of
Brunei. Then have an experience a Typical Brunei Fishing Village. It is operated by

















Want to go sailing in Brunei? Visitors  can choose from a variety of activities which include Day sailing, Sunset tours, Fine dining, Business Meeting, Honeymoon Cruise, wedding pictures, family trip, fishing with Captain Peter Moeller.

















Not enough! Well go to ulu temburong Day trip Adventure. It is a protected and preserved area for scientific research. If you want a real adventure please contact Mona Fauna Tours.

Or you couldtry Ulu kitani Package.

Experience the way of longhouse at ulu melilas living out their daily life. Have fun in the hot spring, stunning waterfall and more.

One of the highlights in Brunei is his Majesty the Sultans Birthday celebration. Itís a great time for Bruneians as well as for the tourist. enjoy the experience and watch the celebrations, all over Brunei the streets are lit up with decorations and there is plenty of opportunity to sample all the different types of local foods at the night stalls.


A must see is the

Royal Regalia Museum (Jln Sultan; 222-8358). You can see the giant ceremonial carriage built to celebrate the silver jubilee of the Sultanís coronation as well as featuring opulent symbols of Bruneiís 600 year old monarchy it includes a fascinating section dedicated to the gifts world leaders bestowed upon the second richest man in the world.

























†††††† Cheap public speedboats ply the waterways and it is worth taking a †††††††††thrilling 45 minute ride to Bangar, which gives views of the tropical rain forest. We recommend to go on a two hour evening cruise safari with Jungle Dave,Jungle Dave,

with great views of the Sultans luxurious palace (Jln Tutong) and see proboscis monkeys; baby crocodiles; monitor lizards and fire flies and much more.


The River









Sungai Belait, is a river that stretches back hundreds of km into Borneoís heart of darkness.  no one has ever really explored this river





























This virgin patch of trackless jungle is reputedly the home of several rare species of carnivorous pitcher plants, even rarer Sun Bear, Borneo Gibbon, several species of hornbills, and the elusive Clouded Leopard, Borneoís largest wild cat.

Jungle Dave , who runs Mona Florafauna Tours (209, 1st Floor, Kiaw Lian Building, Jln Pemancha; 223-0761;

in Bandar Seri Begawan, the capital of Brunei Darussalam,








































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