Welcome to Devon succulents

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Welcome to Devon succulents

We are passionate about collecting and growing succulents

Growing since 1980

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We are appointment only please .

To visit please message or phone 07519020564  and then check out the contact us link to find us .

How to look after your succulent garden


The secret to cultivating succulents successfully is to give them conditions similar to their native habitats, which for the most part are warm, arid and receive minimal rainfall (under 20 inches a year) costal areas in the south west of England is ideal.

          Looking after succulents in your mini gardens indoors or under cover        

Water only during the growing season.
Donít keep the compost mix wet all the time ó you want to let the surface dry out a little bit before you water again, conversely, you donít want it to get bone dry or youíll stress the plant. When a plant is water-stressed, itís going to be dull looking, soft and malleable. When itís well watered, itís going to be plump, shiny and firm as with all gardens these need weeding on occasions, grass often turns up along with clover and shamrock looking plants which need careful cutting out but watch out for seeds flying from them.
Occasionally some of the succulents do so well they outgrow their space, you have two choices prune those around it planting the off cuts as cuttings or dig up and re-pot in good well drained compost.
It's worth knowing that succulents have a dormant period (most of them in the winter) and they donít need as much water then. Since they are dormant, they arenít growing and they donít use up as much water.
Sometimes the lower leaves of succulents especially Sempervivum are going to shrivel up and die, don't worry this is normal just pick them off.
                                       How to care for succulents indoors                                                  
Growing succulents indoors can be a bit tricky.
When succulents are indoors itís often hard for them to get enough sunlight.
Ideally they like 6 hours of Sunlight youíll want to keep your plants as close to the window as you can, but be careful not to let them get sunburned if the light from the window gets too hot.
The same applies to direct sun in green-houses
We keep our succulents in an east facing window ledge, right up against the window, and they have done really well. If your succulents arenít getting enough light they will start to stretch and get leggy
If there isnít anywhere that gets brighter light (or more hours of light), donít worry! if they do get too leggy for your taste, just cut off the top and propagate it! The bonus is that youíll also get more plants :)
If you would like to visit the succulent nursery, you will need to ring or better text me on 07519020564, as it is by appointment only .
Find the nursery at
From the centre of Newton Poppleford head west towards Budleigh Salterton, (Exmouth Road) take the first left at the roundabout, we are the last house on the left approx. three hundred meters, we are immediately before the thirty mile per hour sign, look to the left you will see the large glasshouses and as we are appointment only, we have no sign
Newton Poppleford, nr Sidmouth, Devon EX10 0JD
But don't follow postcode on GPS
If you want exact technical address it's:-
5041'37.7"N 318'17.6"W
50.693792, -3.304876   23/10/2020 [                                        View our shop at esty.com